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Real equity by redesign.

Equip Your Organization with Empowerment and Equity

As a leader in your organization, you bravely strive to create a new, equitable reality for all people. Our work together starts with creating a welcoming, safe and judgment free place where you are given the space to be vulnerable. 
Our hope is to leverage that courage and those initial steps to empower you and people within your organization and community to collectively chart a meaningful and sustainable path forward in a way that is honest and strikes the delicate balance of both challenge and support.
Candid conversations in a safe space.

How do we create organizational conditions where everyone can thrive?

Founder Jacinta Williams, knows that traditional DEI programming doesn’t make REAL change; change that will improve the lived experience and conditions for people within an organization. She believes we can create a better reality for all when we center the people who are most marginalized in the current system and use research-based tools and frameworks to disrupt the status quo and design a system where everyone has the conditions they deserve to thrive in the environment.

Jacinta has seen in her experience across multiple industries including public health, public, charter, and independent, and international education, nonprofits, and corporations that being in a harmful environment daily can be compounded based on the intersections of identity and create negative impacts on people and on within the organization. Change is possible. It’s hard, but it’s possible. And that’s why EdLiberate partners with leaders to make these changes happen.

Equipping global organizations with sustainable solutions for DEI

We help organizations create real, equitable change by redesigning their systems so they empower everyone across all levels, resulting in strengthened relationships, fostered trust, and stronger, equitable outcomes for everyone.
As a global DEI company, we have the knowledge and capabilities to apply strategies across cultures and make a positive difference in a way that is meaningful and contextual.
Specialized focus. Customized strategy. Empathetic approach.
Redefine, Redesign, Realign
How does EdLiberate solve inequities?

Data Collection, Analysis, and Meaning Making

To solve inequities, we must deeply understand the challenges from and through the perspective of those most impacted by the inequities. We employ several methods to collect, analyze, and make meaning of data that centers those most impacted by the problems within a community.
Listening Circles

Listening Circles are a framework to collect ethnographic data and create space for people to come together to share their experiences and strengthen their relationships.  Listening circles provide opportunities for community members to express their thoughts, feeling, and perspectives about their experiences in safe, open, and vulnerable ways

Belonging Surveys

A belonging survey is a proprietary survey tool to understand the experiences of leaders, employees, and additional constituents (e.g. students in higher education) by race/gender intersection and other identity markers.

Develop a Shared Analysis

While having data is critical, how we collectively make sense of this data is just as important.  We work with teams to analyze and synthesize the quantitative and qualitative data to create shared meaning in order to understand the current climate and consider how to create an environment in which everyone can thrive.  When communities collectively make sense of their own results and are engaged in charting the path forward, the change process is more effectively managed and becomes an opportunity for positive growth and adaptation to new conditions.

How do we accomplish sustainable change?

Systems Analysis & Change Efforts

To accomplish equitable, sustainable change we must be able to view the problem from and through multiple lenses. I support organizations with building capacity in systems analysis tools that lead to equitable change in the conditions within the organization and lived experiences of those on the margins within the organization including:
Six Conditions of Systems Change

The six conditions of Systems Change framework addresses the structural, relational, and transformative aspects of DEI change and helps organizations examine and dismantle the current conditions that hold a problem in place in a school, community, organization, etc..  Understanding these conditions in the context of the community and their impact helps organizations intervene on the key levers for DEI change.

Equity by Design

Inequities are products of design…so they can be redesigned. Equity by Design framework centers people and communities most impacted by the failures of inequity. When we are able to create solutions for those who are most proximate to the problem, we can learn not to just solve the problem for everyone but create a better reality for all.

What does training and development look like?

Capacity Building for Transformation

We use frameworks,tools, and experiential activities to support building the capacity of community members to facilitate and sustain DEI change. Based on the assessed needs of the community and emerging insights throughout our partnership, training and development is customized to meet community members where they are and challenge them to stretch beyond their comfort zones.
Training and Development

Learning and Capacity-building opportunities must be targeted at all levels of the organization for sustainable, equitable transformation to occur.


Leadership focuses on the responsibility of leaders to create conditions so that equity work and transformation can happen within the organization. The primary objective of leadership development is to prepare leaders to lead through organizational change where equity is a central desired outcome with a focus on systems analysis and change efforts.

DEI Change Champions

DEI Change Champions, key leaders and individuals who champion and help facilitate DEI within the organization, are invaluable in helping build an equitable and inclusive learning and working community. The primary objective of DEI Change Champions development is to prepare change champions to lean into the 5 keys for effective DEI change agents, build shared understanding and analysis around DEI, and provide opportunities and coaching for change champions to facilitate change and support DEI strategy.

Intercultural Development Inventory

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) provides a framework and tool for organizations to focus on the value and impact of culture to achieve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging goals and move from awareness building to a skills-based and developmental approach. The IDI is measurable on the individual, teams, and organizational levels and describes current capacity while also indicating what kind of learning is required to build greater capacity. Increasing intercultural competence is something that prepares us to work on equity and justice across many lines of difference. Intercultural competence development is complementary to and an accelerant of anti-racism/anti-oppression work.

Candid Conversations with Confidence, in Confidence

EdLiberate has a personal mission of ensuring people don’t experience the harm that inequitable systems can inflict. That's where your leadership comes in. Request a consultation with EdLiberate.
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Not sure how to get started with creating an equitable environment in your organization? That’s why we partner with leaders to make these changes happen.
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  • "As Asociación Escuelas Lincoln has embarked on its Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work, partnering with Jacinta has been invaluable. Not only does she have the expertise and knowledge to help schools move forward, she takes the time to know your context and community. Working with Jacita has helped us as a school leadership team think both strategically and emphatically in our JEDI work. She will truly partner with your school, help you identify areas of growth, and empower you to make the best decisions for your entire school community."

    -Rebekah Madrid, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Jacinta has received the Keith Miller International Innovative Leadership Award Recipient - given in recognition of leading DEI strategy.
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